Freedom, a pipedream till Kashmiri get united: Z U Khan

SLOUGH: Freedom from foreign occupation will remain a dream until and unless Kashmiri nation will be united and jointly struggle for sacred cause, said Z U Khan, former Advisor to AJK President while addressing a gathering regarding the Jammu Martyres Day.
The function was organized by Councillor Raja Muhammad Aziz, former deputy mayor from Slough Central Ward.
People of Jammu Kashmir have rendered unparallel sacrifices for the sake of freedom and still they are busy with Indian forces to get liberated, Khan said. He said that Jammu Martyres day is remebering us the day when under a conspiracy India hold massacre of Muslims in Jammu to change the population ratio in the area and still India is doing the same.
India is still fanning our differences and busy in killing Kashmiri Muslims, Z U Khan said.
Zafar Maroof, senior leader of Muslim Conference, who is on Britain tour also addressed the gathering said that due to sacrifices of Jammu Martyres, Azad Kashmir was obtained where we live with freedom. Time is no so far when occupied Kashmir will be liberated, Zafar Maroof said.
He said that it is source of pleasure Kashmiris have a big role in local politics of Britain and today I am seeing a large number of councillors.
On the occasion Raja Naveed Khan said that India cannot suppress the ongoing liberation movement by using its military muscle as Kashmiris are busy in world to highlight Kashmir issue.
Raja Gulbahar, Lala Gulnawaz, Raja Arbi Khan, Raja Zulqarnain and Shoaib Nazish participated in the function.
At the end host Raja Muhammad Aziz thanked the gusts for showing their commitment with Kashmir.