Former PPP Minister Syed Amir Hadier Kazmi passes away in London

London: Former Federal Minister for Health, Social Welfare and Special Education Syed Amir Hadier Kazmi, passed away today after a long illness in London. His Namaz-e-Janaza will be offered at Sakina Trust 7-8 Vestry Road London E17 9NH after Jumma prayers and he will be buried in Gardens of Peace 57 Elmbridge Road Hainault IG6 3SW.

He leaves behind a widow with two sons and two daughters. Throughout his life he struggled for democracy and for this he was arrested may times during different Martial Laws. He was arrested by the military court in 1960 for 9 months for taking a procession out against General Ayub Khan. Later in 1961 he was expelled from different cities including Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Quetta for taking an active part in Student politics.

He took active part in the running of Ms. Fatima Jinnah’s election campaign in 1964 and carried the Mashel-e-Shama from Karachi to Peshawar. He was arrested and detained for 2 months by the Ayub regime. He was arrested again in 1965 for 1 month for his political and democratic views and taking procession out against Ayub Khan.
In 1968 he was arrested and detained for 4 months for organising students agitation against General Ayub Khan. He was arrested and convicted by the Military Court for 9 months for taking out procession against Yahya Khan’s Martial Law in 1969 .

In 1970 he was detained for 4 months by Sindh Government for delivering a objectionable speech. From 1970 to 1977 he played an active role in politics and joined PPP and contested and won the MPA election in 1977 on the PPP ticket from Karachi.

He was arrested and remained in prison for more than 5 years for his struggle against General Zia’s Martial Law. He was elected MNA from Karachi and became Federal Minister for Health, Special Education and Social Welfare in 1988 and remained in this position until Aug 1990.

He had been an active member of society and held different positions in literary, social, political and other activities as follows:
1956- Secretary Bazme Adab Society, Sindh Madressah, Karachi.
1958-1959- General Secretary, Sindh Muslim Science Students Union.
1958-1960- General Secretary, Inter Collegiate Body Karachi.
1958-1967- Member of Executive Committee of National Student Federation (NSF).
1963-1964- President, Gov. College Student Union Karachi.
1964- Vice President, All Parties Student Action Committee
1970- Joined Pakistan National Awami Party NAP
1967-1970- President, National Student Federation (Kazmi Group)
1968- Chairman, All Parties Student Action Committee Karachi
1976- Information Secretary, Pakistan Peoples Party Sindh
1977- Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) Pakistan Peoples Party
1984-1988- General Secretary, MRD (Movement for Restoration for Democracy)
1986-1990- President Karachi Division, Pakistan Peoples Party
1986-1990- Vice President, Pakistani Peoples Party Sindh
1986-1991- Member of CEC of PPP
1988-1990- Federal Minister for Health, Special Education and Social Welfare, Government of Pakistan