Foreign hand not be ignored in sectarianism, violent incidents in Pakistan: Peer Amin

GLASGOW: “We cannot ignore the involvement of external forces in sectarian clashes and violent incidents in Pakistan and we will bring religious scholars of all sects on one platform to create religious and sectarian harmony”, said Peer Aminal Hasanat, State Minister for Religious Affairs of Pakistan.

“We are firm that we will succeed by bringing religious scholars of every sect around a table and succeed to create a culture of religious and sectarian harmony”, Aminal Hasanat said while addressing religious scholars and followers of different sects at Scotland during an Inter-Faith at Pakistan Consulate at Glasgow.

He said the attack on church in Peshawar and attacks on places of worship of different sects in Pakistan are not Islamic acts and people involved in these terrorist acts are not Muslims and Pakistanis. Government is seriously taking steps to eradicate terrorism from its routes and make complete peace in Pakistan, he said.

Addressing the function Dr Saqlain Javed, Consulate of Pakistan in Glasgow said Islam is religion of peace, love, fraternity and universal brotherhood. “It is dire need of hour for Pakistanis to remain firm on principles of Quaid e Azam like Unity, Faith and Discipline”, he added.

Pakistan is passing through very critical condition, but is temporary stage and very soon we will be in a position to come out from this phase with unity and discipline, Dr Saqlain said.

President Muslim Council of Scotland Prof Dr Javed Hassain Gul said the situation the religious and sectarian minorities are facing in Pakistan are condemnable. “We are religious and sectarian minorities here in Britain, but the equality here is exemplary and rights we have here have no match. The land for Central Mosque was given us on concessional prices”, he said.

“We have equal rights here in Britain and our representatives are in councils and Parliament and mostly from those areas where majority is Britain”, he said, adding most incidents of sectarianism occur due to negligence of administration and once government remain vigilant these incidents can be avoided.

Nasir Jaffery and Moulana Sarfaraz Husain Shah said it is time all the sects and religious need to be united and with unity we have to frustrate the evil designs of anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan forces.

Representative of Christian community George Phillip said “I am a rigid and true Pakistani. Our family is living in Pakistan from centuries and we have proud that we are Pakistanis”. He expressed reservations over blasphemy law and said some narrow minded people are creating problems for Christians.

Prof Adil Bhatti said blasphemy law is being misused and some elements are using it for meet their nefarious interests. It is need of hour to abolish this law, he added.

Media Coordinator to Governor Punjab Tahir Inam Sheikh said, “Our religion is Islam and Constitution of Pakistan is providing security to every Pakistani either he is Muslim or non-Muslim”. He said it is responsibility of government to protect its citizens and use all its force for this purpose and maintain its writ in every nook and corner.

Moulana Shabir Rabbani said Peer Aminul Hasanat is ambassador of and he will bring harmoney in all sects and religions of Pakistan.

Member Scottish Parliament Hanzla Malik that religious hatred and inappropriate attitude towards religious minorities is condemnable saying Pakistanis here in Britain are religious minority and if there would be any excessivce attitude towards any Pakistani whole community will rise against it.