Fear of ‘Jihadist’ a big hurdle in way of immigrants

LONDON: On one side Britain faced stern reaction over immigration of Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants while on the other hand even after pressure from European Union, it has refused immigration to thousands of immigrants stranded on coastal area of Britain.

The Conservative Party Government has a reason of not giving immigration as it can say if benefit cut was imposed on local Britain’s then why not on immigration.

British Government has started a campaign saying that this immigration would pave way for entry of Syrian and other Muslim Jihadist to enter in Britain. It is just to make justification of blocking immigrants.

Britain newspaper The Independent was of the view that daily hundreds of people from war torn Syria, Egypt and other war-hit countries are trying to enter in Britain to start new life. They put their lives in danger to reach and enter in Britain and are using different methods and routes for the purpose.

It is a routine now that thousands people from the nations facing war, human rights violations and other political problems are play rat and mouse with authorities. The reason is strict Anglo-French control, insufficient resources to live and detention to lessen the number of immigrants.

After closure of tunnel channel by French Government the lack of papers for expatriates has got its place in political agenda, as French Government conveyed the British Government that it is thinking to start dialogue on this issue, which forced the closure of Sane Gaite, if Britain share the expenses of policing and other costs.

A recent example of this was Eritrean man Yamani Gabre Engos who escaped his country due to dictatorship and after crossing a desert and sea during which he faced huge debt but after crossing Sea he reached Kale. After reaching Kale he travelled in a truck to reach Britain, but due to heart attack he died.

His mother, who had only son, received the information that his son died and his honorable funeral cost 3300 dollars and if she receives the body it will cost 500 dollars.