Every Muslim loves Holy Prophet PBUH his own way

BIRMINGHAM: The Milad un Nabi PBUH function held at Qadriya Trust Birmingham, which was attended by Lord Mayor (Nominated) Birmingham Councillor Shafiq Shah, former Mayor Chaudhry Rasheed Ahmed, Candidate for European Parliament Councilor Ansar Ali Khan and other community leaders.

All the speakers highlighted the ‘Seerat un Nabi’ life of Holy Prophet PBUH and urged the participants to stick with teachings of Holy Prophet for obtaining success in this world and hereafter.

Earlier addressing the 14th Annual Milad e Mustafa Public Meeting at Jamia Masjid Haroonia AlamRock Birmingham, the Ulema and community leaders said “The Holy Prophet himself came to His Suhaba and said, I am pray of Prophet Ibrahim, who always remain successful in any test from Allah and when Allah asked the Prophet Ibrahim to seek something the Ibrahim asked Allah rise me with Ummah of Muhammad”.

Renowned English /scholar Ash-Sheikh Mufti Munawar Atteeq said everyone has a different style and way to love and be affectionate with Holy Prophet PBUH. When Allah loves Holy Prophet PBUH then what about human beings, he added.

The Milad un Nabi was presided over by Allama Abdul Khaliq Mujadadi of Mohra Sharif under the supervision of Sufi Safder Hussain Haroni, Khalifa Malik Zulqarnain while the function was conducted by Moulana Muhammad Farid Haroni.

The community leaders who attended by the function were Haji Muhammad Khalid, Alhaj Raja Javed Iqbal, Chaudhry Zafar Iqbal, Candidate for European Parliament Councilor Ansar Ali Khan, Chaudhry Rafi, Haji Abdul Khaliq, Raja Zameer, Mehmood Hussain, Abdul Rasheed, Imran Shahid and many others.

Prominent among speakers were Mufti Kashmir Mufti Muhammad Aslam, Qari Zubair, Qari Muhammad Hafiz,

Mufti Aslam Naqashbandi said a person who is attached with Holy Prophet PBUH will have a very high esteem in the world. “We are lucky to be among the Ummah of Holy Prophet PBUH”, he added.

Allama Abdul Khaliq Mujadadi, Khalifa Safder Hussain Haroni and Khaifa Zulqarnain thanked the participants.