Enthusiasm among British MPs for solution of Kashmir: David Ward

BRADFORD: Addressing a gathering of political workers of Kashmiri and Pakistani origin from Yorkshire and Lancashire, David Ward British MP from Bradford East has said that with the passage of time the enthusiasm regarding the solution of Kashmir is increasing among British Parliamentarians.
He was giving suggestion as how more and more help would be sought from British Parliamentarian other than the Parliamentarian code of conduct. Former Lord Mayor Muhammad Ajeeb, Chairman Pakistan Club Iftikhar Ahmed, Sabiha Khan, Itrat Ali and Councillor Muhammad Shabir also gave suggestions.
The meeting held under the chairmanship of Raja Najabat Hussain, head JK Self Determination Movement has endorsed the meeting held in London and it was decided that entire Britain in general and Lancashire, Yorkshire and North England in particular the were start lobbying with Parliamentarians and request them to raise the Kashmir issue in British Parliaments. They Parliamentarians should be asked to raise questions on the floor regarding the violations of human rights in Kashmir and seek answers from Foreign Office, Commerce Ministry and other ministries.
Raja Najabat Hussain started signature campaign in this regard and urged the Kashmiris in different Parliamentary constituencies to seek signatures form all Kashmiris and hand it over to Parliamentarian of the constituency so that he can be a voice of his voters in the parliament.
A memorandum which was approved in shape of a resolution states that it is being felt that Kashmir issue is a permanent threat not only to peace of South Asia but entire world and this issue is cause of violation of human rights and insecurity in the region.
It is being felt that people of Jammu Kashmir state would be allowed to exercise their in alienable right of self determination.
The resolution demanded of British Parliamentarians top raise the issue in Parliament and hold debate in this issue and ensure their role for resolution of this longstanding issue through dialogue.