E&EE ray of hope for parents

NELSON: Novermber 1: Pakistani and Kashmiri community has expressed serious concern over improper treatment being given to students and youths working by the school management and employer.
Some concerned young people arranged a debate under “Education and Employment Equality In pendal” to discuss these issue and found proper solution. Haji Muhammad Iqbal, a well known social figure presided over the function, while a huge number of Pakistani and Kashmiri people took part in the debate.
While opening the forum for debate Ch Muhammad Asghar saying that students and employee are not being treated as per law.
During the debate it was found that for so many years the school managements and employers are not being treated properly which is forcing them to remain separate and a creating inferiority complex among them.
There are so many organizations working onthese issues but due to lack of resources they are not fulfilling their responsibilities.
The participants were of the view that this treatment meted out by government, semi-government and non-government organizations is creating sense of deprivation among them while they are being harrased by different means. The participants told the organizers to evolve a strategy to end this attitude.