Edhi inspires me for his intensive humanitarian work: Amir Khan

BRADFORD:”I have raised the image of my country in the field of boxing and now by joining Islamic Charity, I want to become Abdul Sattar Edhi by helping, crying and scared humanity without any discrimination”, said Amir Khan, Light-welter weight British boxer of Pakistani origin, while addressing a press conference before charity dinner at a local hotel

Amir Khan has not only raised the heads of community members in Britain but has also became pride of Pakistan. Besides Muhammad Jahangir, Muhammad Habib a large number of media-person were present on the occasion. The fund raising for poor people world over particularly Philippines was main thrust of the charity dinner of Islamic Relief.

After joining Islamic Charity I want to help poor where ever they are and support them to be a precious part of society, Khan said, adding he wants to support suppressed and needy children world over.

“Either it is Palestine, Philippines or any other country, I will continue to help the needy, poor and destitute on the name of humanity”, Khan said, adding it is a source of satisfaction that youth of today feels pain of poor and destitute in their heart.

There are so many rays in the world which are enlightening the ways for people who want to serve humanity and Islamic charity is one of them, he said.

Amir Khan said it is need of hour to follow the footprints of these organizations to help them in their good work for humanity so that people living in darkness see the light. “We have to enlighten our hearts with the spirit these organizations are showing”, he added.

Councillor Rizwan Malik, who is expected candidate from Bradford for upcoming Parliamentary election said human being and humanity is facing various problems and is fighting against the typhoons of hunger and poverty. “Under these circumstances it is responsibility of youth to come forward and help these needy people by all means”, he added.

He lauded the spirit shown by Amir Khan

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