Draconian law AFSPA gave clean chit to Indian Army: Faiz

LONDON: Indian Army using every possible step of suppression to crush the freedom movement of Kashmir and Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA) gave a clean chit to Army as no one can ask for killing innocent Kashmir, said Muhammad Faiz, President JKLF London.
Indian Army have indulged in mass killing, rape and gang-rape, loot, arson and detention in Kashmir to force Kashmiri people to give up their freedom movement, Faiz said while addressing a seminar organized by Nations without States titled “Negation of Right of Self Determination and human rights of small nations” held in British Parliament.
India was given free hand to kill, rape and loot the property of Kashmiris under AFSPA and other draconian law promulgated in Kashmir, he said, adding that it was totally violation of human rights that a nation was deprived of their basic right of self determination.
He said that Nations Without States, is a organization which surely support Kashmiri nation till it will be allowed to exercise their right of self determation and to have their own state. It is a big platform to strive for Kashmir’s freedom, he added.
While addressing the seminar Jagdesh Singh, founding father of Nations Wothout States praised the JKLF saying that JKLF is a single voice of divided Kashmir and a symbol of unity and courage for struggle for freedom.