Doors of PHC London opened for Pakistani community: Counselor Fiza

LUTON: Community Welfare Counselor of Pakistan High Commission (PHC) London, Fiza Batool has said that Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis has taken steps to restore the confidence of overseas Pakistanis, to motivate them for investment in Pakistan and to resolve their problems.
PHC London doors were opened for Pakistani community and a direct visa is being given on any emergency situation, she said while talking to representatives of overseas community at Luton.
The function was arranged by Councillor Muhammad Ayub and Councillor Naseem Ayub.
She asked Pakistanis having dual nationalty to ensure the possession of NICOP or Pakistani passport.
She urged the Pakistanbi businessmen in Britain to bring labour from Pakistan so that Pakistani would be benefited.
Councillor Naseem Ayub highlighted the problems Pakistnai community is facing including attaining NADRA Cards (NICOP) and Pakistani Passports. He was critical to excesses with Overseas Pakistanis at Pakistani airports.
Former Mayor Councillor Raja Saleem said that Pakistani rulers and people at the helm of affairs must remain punctual and come in functions of overseas pakistan in time.
A local businessman Prof Mumtaz Butt has urged the government to increase the validity date of NICOP to benefit overseas Pakistanis.
Councillor Malik Tahir expressed concern over increase in air-fare by national airline saying that increase of 1000 pound increase during the holidays in Britain.
Councillor Khadija Malik has said that government never hold consultation with overseas Pakistnai when visa fees or passport fees was increased. She said that the government should withdraw unnecessary rise in PIA fares.
Councillor Muhammad Ayub has said that overseas pakistani have a lot of love and affection with Pakistan and during the new government under leadership of Nawaz Sharif Pakistna will glorify.