Do cast your vote in May to favour those who support our cause

Slough: United Nations has been failed so far to settle the Kashmir dispute. There will never be a peaceful solution without the consent of Kashmiris. Leaders from different fields of life expressed their concern in ameeting organized by Kashmir advisory council UK in Langley Slough. Nazir Ahmed Shawl Chairman International Chamber for peace and conciliation UK, Abdul Majid Tramboo Patron JKLF(R), Chaudry Mohammed Afzal Vice President Muslim league(N) UK, Raja Mohammed Ishaq chief organiser Muslim conference UK, Councillor Chaudry Mohammed Rasib, Councillor Chaudry Mohammed Sharif, Mr Shakeel advocate, Mohammed swaroop, Mohammed Ilyas, Mohammed Muneeb, Zaffar Abbas and Sajid Janjua attended this meeting and expressed their views. Shoaib Nazish media advisor Kashmir advisory council conducted the programme.


Nazir Shawl hoped that UN realises to settle the dispute soon because this reputable organization will have to take constructive initiatives for settlement of this issue. It will not only strengthen the regional but also promote the global peace. He pointed out that patch work arrangement or a hollow truce is not the answer but a comprehensive agreement which can be called the realisation of self determination by the people of Jammu and Kashmir. He declared again that self determination is non negotiable.

Abdul Majid tramboo placed a realistic estimate of present international situation in front of audience. He comprehensively referred to the global context of the Kashmir dispute and pleaded for a pro active role of the diaspora community to convey a categorical message to the people who seek their vote during elections that if they support our just cause then only they deserve our vote in May this year. He saluted the determination of the struggling people and declared that the people of Jammu and Kashmir will ultimately be crowned with success and they will realize their self determination.


Chaudhry Mohammed Afzal reiterated his belief that the sacrifices of our martyrs will not go waste we only need to continue our mission with added zeal and zest.


Raja Mohammed Eshaq pleaded for a single point agenda of self determination for the unity of all the political groups.


Cllr Chaudry Mohammed Rasib asked the participants to associate the young generation studying in the universities and colleges with the just struggle for self determination.


Cllr Mohammed Sharif advocated complete unity as the most needed instrument among all Kashmiri groups for realizing their right of self determination.


At the end Shoaib Nazish thanked the participants for their participation and announced that 26th January, the Indian republic day will be observed as a black day and a peaceful demonstration will be organised outside Indian high commission on that day.