Division in community will serve political parties but not Kashmir cause: Shah Ghulam Qadir

LUTON: Shah Ghulam Qadir, Secretary General Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) has said that PML-N believes in durable solution of Kashmir issue, which is a longostanding issue on UN Charter.
“We salute Mian Nawaz Sharif who raised Kashmir issue in in a befitting manner in United Nations”, Shah Ghulam Qadir was addressing a reception in Luton.
PML-N Britain senior leaderHussain Shaheed Sarwar hosted a dinner in honour of Shah Ghulam Qadir in a local hotel while besides other Raja Zubair Kayani, PNL-N Britain president, Javed Iqbal Butt, Raja Shafiq Khan, former mayor Councillor Muhammad Saleem Chaudhry, Councillor Raja Ilyas, renowned Kashmir intellectual Rajid Raja, Raja Marvat, Raja Imtiaz Khan, business man Raja Sifarish, Raja Aurangzeb, Ch Asghar Pothi, Sheraz Khan, Dr Mehmood Shah, Taiqeer Jaral, Dr Tahir Lone, Jahangir Khan, Mazhar Qureshi, Zahid Qureshi, Nisar Raja, Ch Muneer Hussain, Sheraz Chaudhry and Shahid Hussain also attended the dinner.
Addressing the gathering, Kashmiri leader said that former president Asif Zardari during his tenure has never talked on Kashmir issue nor in United Nations neither on any international forum.
He said that people in AJK are not divided on tribal basis this is why their is no tribal hatred. But Kashmiri community in Britain is divided, which is dangrous for Kashmir cause. “Division in community is suitable for political parties as they get benefited by this divide, but it is damaging Kashmir cause”, he added.
He urged complete unity between Kashmir and Pakistan community in Britian saying that if whole Kashmiri and Pakistani community will be united and remove clashes there will be a million march in Britain in support of Kashmir cause.
Shah rejected the Indian claim saying that Indian propaganda that Pakistan is supporting terrorism is baseless and depicts Indian frustration due to ongoing liberation movement. India wants to give impact that Taliban after US withdraw its forces from Afghanistan will move towards Kashmir, it is baseless and indicative India is facing frustration, he added.
He said that community shouold hold conferences and seminars to highlight Kashmir cause internationally so that a powerful public opinion will be created.
Hussain Shaheed Sarwar, PML-N senor leader said that Nawaz Sharif by raising Kashmir issue in United Nations and other forums in befitting manner has proved his love, affection and commitment with Kashmir. World community should take stock of the worsening situation and help resolve Kashmir issue as per UN Resolutions, he added.
Hussain said that PML-N AJK is united under the dynamic leadership of Raja Farooq Haider and Shah Ghulam Qadir.
Addressing the gathering PML-N Britain President Raja Zubair Kayani has urged the unity in community.
Javed Iqbal Butt, PML-N leader from Pakistan while addressing said that Kashmir issue is main issue in the region and the issue should be resolved through dialogue.
Kashmir intellectual Raja Sajid said that world community should play its role for resolution of Kashmir issue to avoid any sort of war.
Councillor Muhamamd Saleem has called upon Kashmiri and Pakistan community to resolve theri differences saying that overseas community should have a great role to play.
At the end participants of the gathering prayed early recovery of three Kashmir leaders Sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan, Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan and Chaudhry Noor Hussain.