Councilor Atteeq named Deputy Mayor Oldham for 2014

OLDHAM: Labor Party Councilor Atteeq ur Rehman, a youthful political activist was elected as Deputy Mayor of Oldham a historical city and Asian majority area in Greater Manchester for 2014. Councilor Atteeq will assume charge from May 2014.

Councilor Atteeq ur Rehman elected from Medlock Ward of Oldham is senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Britain

As per traditions after performing his duties are Deputy Mayor for 2014 he will be in a position of perform as Mayor in 2015.

People from all walks of life and different shades of opinion have felicitated Councilor Atteeq which include PML-N Britain President Zubair Gul, Chairman Raja Aftab Sharif, Muslim Conference Britain President Bashir Ahmed Rattvi, Vice President UK-Pakistan Press Club Ishaq Chaudhry, Lord Mayor Manchester Naeem ul Hassan, Chairman Right of Self Determination Movement Raja Najabat Hussain, Councilor Shadab Qamar, Babu Ali Asghar and they all expressed hope that after assuming charge Councilor Atteeq will use his efforts for betterment and uplift of the town.