Three days spiritual training camp by Minhajul Quran Intrnational

ASHTON: Muslim Youth League Britain and Minhajul Quran Intrnational Ashton hold a three day spiritual training camp, in which hundreds of youth participated where lectures on politics, social and religious issues were delivered by important personalities besides training workshops and sessions of ‘Naat’ and Zikr were arranged.
Professor Nisar Ahmed Sulemani from UAE delivered lecture on ‘Muhammad Rehmat Allil Alameen and rights of women’, Ash-Sheikh Suhail Ahmed Siddiqui delivered lecture on ‘Islam, Interfaith tolerance and stages to be a good Muslim’ while Ash-Sheikh Ali Akbar Alvi, Ash-Sheikh Rehan Ahmed Raza Qadri, Ustad Waqas Ahmed Amin, Imam Ghulam Mohiud Dein have delivered lectures on different topics Muslim identity and eradication of extremism and terrorism.
The important aspect of the three day training camp was participation of British Peer Lord Nazir Ahmed, a renowned community leader, which has encouraged the youth in the training camp. Recitation of Holy Quran by Lord Nazir in a melodious voice has enahnced the spirit of youth who were participating in the training camp.
Lord Nazir Ahmed delivered a lecture on ‘Islam in West and our responsibilities’ in which he stressed the need of encouraging the youth to attain better education and live with local community of Britain in a congenial atmosphere which will help bring positive changes. He said the youth should be prepared to play their role for community development by using their efforts, energies and resources.
Until and unless we bring ourselves out from extremism, we cannot attain a respectable place on local level in Britain.
Secretary General of Minhajul Quran International Britain Ali Abbas Bokhari in his address said Minjajul Quran always trusted on its youth and stressed the need for religious and current education. “We are striving in Britain to educate and impart the knowledge and senses of responsibility among Muslim youth under the directions of Dr Tahirul Qadri, which will not only help eradicate extremism from Britain society and also help crush the element which is hurdle in development of community.
During the camp Zafar Iqbal and Shahbaz Hassan Warsi presented recitation of Holy Quran while Qaider Mehmood presented Naat.
At the end Asif Habib Malik and Muhammad Farooq Qadri thanked the participants.