Community leaders felicitate Mike Kane over victory

MANCHESTER: Victory of Labor Party leader Mike Kane in Wythenshawe and Sale by elections was termed as rejection of policies of present government and rejection of cut in benefits.

People after reposing their confidence on Labor Party have shown that they are not happy with the policies of present government, the community leaders said.

Mike Kane bagged 13,261 votes the 55.19 per cent for his victory to go to Parliament, while UKIP bagged more than 4000 votes and stood second. The ruling Conservative Party is on third number while its ally Lub Dem stood fourth.

“People of Manchester have rejected the policies of Conservatives and have rejected Prime Minister David Cameron”, said Mike Kane after his victory, adding it is no-confidence of people shown towards Conservatives and they have to read the writing on wall.

He assured people that he will pay special attention to resolve the problems of local people especially to open the Emergency and Accident Department of Old Trafford General Hospital. “I will raise forceful voice against the budget cuts”, he added.

Mike Kane said two hundred years ago Benjamin has said on this spot that we are a nation and what Manchester is doing today whole world will do it tomorrow. “Let me say today here the victory Labor Party got in Manchester will tomorrow be in whole Britain”, he added.

Labor Party chief Ad Miliband in his message over Mike Kane’s victory said Mike Kane deserve this victory because he is a hard-working politician.

Meanwhile, Lord Mayor Manchester Councilor Naeem ul Hassan and local Labor leaders have congratulated Mike Kane over his success.