Community leaders assure Lord Mayor for charity help

BRADFORD: A delegation of Community Leaders led by Haji Mussadiq Hussain, met Lord Mayor of Bradford Councillor Khadim Hussain, and praised his services as Lord Mayor while the delegation assured community support for his charity.
Haji Mussadiq said that supporting handicap and senior citizens is not a new concept for Muslims, as Islam laid down these principals when world was not even aware of such laws.
Speaking on the occasion Haji Nazir Hussain said that he and companions are running the institution to provide food and shelter to handicap and poor people. “Local community praised this work and now many groups are meeting with the charity to support poor and needy people”, he added.
Lord Mayor Khadim Hussain, who is himself running a charity provide support to handicap and poor people, has told the delegation that handicapped need special attention of society and people must show sympathy and generosity in helping the special people.
While talking about his own charity, Councillor Khadim Hussain said that he was inspired by the performance of Pakistani players in Para Olympics in London, he chosen the charity for handicap and needy people. But, he said that it was a sad story that this troop of Pakistani players was without government patronage and some philanthropists had supported the troop in reaching London.
He thanked Pakistani business leaders including Haji Mussadiq Hussain, Haji Nazir Hussain, Tariq Shairf and all others for their generous support to his charity.