CMF to be strong to bridge gap between religions: Lord Sheikh

BRADFORD: The Conservative Muslim Forum has to play a role for Ummah by discouraging sectarianism and to take people from all religions along, said Lord Mohammad Altaf Sheikh, founding Chairman of CMF.
“It is point of concern for Muslim Ummah and we have to think as why Muslims are more in prisons and very few in education, why our ratio is very low in education”, Lord Sheikh said while addressing a reception hosted by North West Muslim Community leader Allah Ditta alias AD.
“We all know Islam is a religion of peace, love and universal brotherhood and we have to give this education to our children so that our young generations be reflection of true Muslims”, he said.
He said Britain is a multi-cultural, multi-religion country where everyone has complete freedom to practice his religion. “We have to take people of other religions along and remove the misunderstanding about Islam”., he added.
“Today many people in Britain are extremists, who term talking to Christains a sin and call taking part in British politics as Haram (forbidden). They are selling wine but are not ready to come forward to clear Islam’s true image”, Lord Sheikh said, adding, we have to change our attitude and way of thinking and all Muslims be united.
CMF is a forum, a platform for Muslims and people from other religions as well, this is taking people of different faiths along to serve humanity”, he said.
Chairman, Council of Mosques, Rafiq Sehgal while addressing the gathering said he is not from any party. “As council of Mosques we are meeting people from all faiths and are playing role to bridge gap between different civilizations”. he added.
He stressed the need to make CMF more strong and effective saying that this platform will prove useful to bridge gap between different religions.
Allah Ditta diverted the attention of Lord Sheikh towards the law under which salary for spouse visa was fixed 18600 pounds, saying due to this law community is feeling terrible hardships.
Lord Sheikh assures to resolve or to give relief.
Iftikhar Ahmed, Mussaduq Khan, Raja Najabat Hussain and Muhammad Amin also addressed the gathering.