Church of Scotland delegation calls on PHC for UK

London: A delegation of the Church of Scotland led by Rt Rev E Lorna Hood MA BD has complained over the increasing number of Blasphemy cases in Pakistan against the Minorities and demanded the repeal of the Blasphemy law. Delegation called on Mr. Wajid Shamsul Hasan, High Commissioner for Pakistan to the United Kingdom. They expressed concerns over the Peshawar Church attack and the overall situation of Minorities in Pakistan, particularly the Christian community in this meeting.

The High Commissioner shared their concerns. He informed the delegation that under the directives of Prime Minister Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, the authorities had ensured provision of best medical treatment to the injured persons and speedy rehabilitation of affected families of the Peshawar incident. Mr Hasan said that the Peshawar church attack and all other such incidents were being probed at the highest possible level and hoped that the culprits would be apprehended and brought before justice soon. He also dwelled on the steps the Government was undertaking to prevent recurrence of such tragedies.

As regards the alleged misuse of Blasphemy Laws, Mr Hasan assured the delegation that it was not aimed against Minorities, which should be evident from the fact that the cases registered against Pakistani Muslims were far higher than those against the Minority Members. He noted that Blasphemy Law was an act of Parliament and it remains a matter to be discussed there but the society as a whole should join together to strengthen the hands of parliamentarians for a review of the law. He also welcomed any initiative by our Diaspora in the UK as well as the Church of Scotland. The delegation expressed its readiness to engage with the prominent members of Pakistani Diaspora in Scotland for the purpose.

The delegation also expressed concern over the drone strikes in the tribal areas of Pakistan and offered to consider issuing a policy statement on the issue, which was welcomed by the High Commissioner.