Bright Future of online channels ahead in Middle East and North Africa

COVID-19 has affected many industries adversely but one which saw substantial growth is online E-commerce. Although many workers in the UAE lost their jobs, the others were forced to cut down on their household expenses. During the pandemic shopping using smartphone increased by 53% and half of which is due to purchasing groceries online. So COVID-19 has accelerated the process of digital […]

India’s ruthless persecution of minorities echoed in UK parliament

India, under the rule of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is undergoing immense rise of religious nationalist vigilante groups and worsening social discrimination, posing grave threat to the religious freedom of minorities, particularly Muslims and Christians. This concern was expressed by the British parliamentarians in a debate secured by MP Jim Shannon at the Westminster Hall […]

Vicious Propaganda against Pakistan on rise, Baleegh

BIRMINGHAM: By accepting each-others mandate will create sense of solidarity and responsibility among politicians and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has practically shown this gesture by respecting the mandate of Tehreek Insaf in Khyber Pakhtumkhwa, local politicians in Balochistan and Peoples’ Party in Sindh and AJK, said Engineer Baleegh ur Rehman, Federal Minister of State for […]

Britain may talk USA to resolve Kashmir issue: Barrister Sultan

NOTTINGHAM: Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry, former AJK Prime Minster and senior leader of Pakistan Peoples’ Party AJK has said at present dozens of British and European Parliamentarians are ready for practical help to Kashmiris for early solution of Kashmir issue. “This is a golden opportunity for Kashmiri people and Kashmiri diaspora should avail the opportunity […]

Islam wrongly linked with terrorism: Phil Bennion

BIRMINGHAM: British Muslim community is playing important role in promotion of human and ethical values and respect for humanity, said Member European Parliament Phil Bennion. “Respecting humanity without any discrimination is making society beautiful and ends all evils” Phil Benson was addressing an inter-faith seminar organized by Minhajul Quran International Birmingham chapter. The seminar was […]

Resolution of community problems imperative: Lord Mayor

BIRMINGHAM: Despite of having British national, our relationship with Pakistan and Kashmir cannot be removed and this relationship is long lasting, said nominated Lord Mayor of Birmingham Councilor Shafiq Shah. He was addressing a reception after the mini election held in Birmingham by ruling Labor Party after which Councilor Shafiq was nominated as Lord Mayor […]