Cameron hosts World Muslim Leaders in London

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London: Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Afghan President Hamid Karzai spoke of their countries’ shared interest in advancing regional peace, stability and prosperity, at their trilateral meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron. The Pakistani and Afghan leaders were in London to attend the World Islamic Economic Forum.

The three leaders also “discussed economic cooperation and the Afghan-led peace process, to which they all reaffirmed their continuing commitment,” said a spokesman for the office of the British prime minister.

The trilateral meeting is seen as crucial, coming as the United States and NATO forces are scheduled to end their combat operations in Afghanistan by the end of next year. Any improvement in Afghanistan-Pakistan ties should ease concerns about violence and instability escalating in the already tense region after the coalition forces leave.

The British Prime Minister appeared on stage of WIEF alongside a number of world leaders, including King Abdullah of Jordan and the Sultan of Brunei.

He announced plans to encourage investment in the UK by Muslim countries, saying he wants to make London “one of the greatest centres for Islamic finance anywhere in the world”.

A world first set of indices at the London Stock Exchange to help investors identify faith-compliant firms and projects was also announced as well as a £4.5 million boost to a small business growth fund.

The global market in Islamic investments is rapidly expanding, rising by 150 per cent since 2006 and expected to be worth £1.3 trillion next year.