Muslims attain success by following Holy Prophet: Allama Rabbani

MANCHESTER: With the advent of Rabiul Awal, blessings of Allah start because of birth of His beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH and every home feel the fragrance of Holy Prophet PBUH and start celebrating the Eid Miladun Nabi with fervor and religious zeal and every old and young, male and female and children are taking part in the celebrations. The Milad un Nabi processions are being taken out in Britain and rest of the world to show love, respect and affection towards Holy Prophet PBUH.

Faizan e Islam Trust (FIT) celebrated the Eid Miladun Nabi in a befitting manner by organizing an attractive function, in which Ulema, social and political personalities and scholars from all over Britain participated. Peer Zaheerud Din presided over the function while Ghulam Rabbani Afghani, Allama Mufti Misbahul Mulk, Lord Mayor Manchester Councillor Naeem ul Hassan, Candidate for European Parliament Councillor Afzal Khan, Allama Shah Jahan Madni, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed Makki, Qari Najamul Mustafa, Hafiz Muhammad Khurram Rafiq, Allama Muhammad Bakhsh, Ahmed Raza Qadri, Gul Taruf Mian Khan and others participated in the Milad function.

The speakers said with the birth of Holy Prophet PBUH all the darkness of illiteracy has finished and world were filled with light. Holy Prophet has given the lesson of love, peace and brotherhood to entire world,

Once a human being follow the teachings of Holy Prophet PBUH all the present day issues will end and it will be pleasant and calm for every person living in this world, the speakers viewed.

The speakers also said message of Allah brought by Holy Prophet PBUH was not only for Muslims but entire humanity and for welfare, well-being, peace and prosperity of humanity, while every sane and literate person on this world is well aware of this message.

Holy Prophet PBUH Birth Anniversary 12th of Rabiul Awal is giving humanity a message to implement the teachings of Holy Prophet PBUH, they said, adding the Holy Prophet’s PBUH teachings are to help poor and down-trodden people and if you feel that any powerful is suppressing or usurping any weak person or nation you stand against it.

Addressing the gathering Peer Zaheerud din said Rabiul Awal is month of birth of Holy Prophet PBUH besides it is also month of bestowing ‘Nabuwat’ (prophethood), migration and death and it is necessary for people from all religions in general and Muslims in particular to implement the Sunnah (deeds) of Holy Prophet to attain success.

Allama Mufti Misbahul Mulk said Allama Rabbani Afghani has arranged such a graceful function in Manchester and has won hearts of people living in this area and has also provided us a chance to participate the festivities of Eid Miladun Nabi.

Lord Mayor Councilor Naeem ul Hassan said the celebrations of birth of Holy Prophet PBUH are being celebrated all over Britain and it is need of hour that every human being should express love, affection and brotherhood on this occasion.

Former Lord Mayor Councilor Afzal Khan said Allama Rabbani Afghani has organized a graceful function on the occasion of Eid Miladun Nabi, which has made the atmosphere calm and cozy.

The Function was attended by Jammu Kashmir Right of Self Determination Movement Vice President Amjid Hussain Mughal, renowned businessman from Manchester Chaudhry Saeed Abdullah, Muhammad Shahbaz, TV anchor Shafiq Qadri Naqashbandi, Abid Iqbal, Ustad Safder Madni, Muhammad Khan, Mufti Abdul Munaf Qadri, Muhammad Naeem Naqashbandi, Imran Hassan Qadri, Khawar Azeem Qadri and others participated in the function.