Butchers who killed owner got life imprisonment

SHEFFIELD: Last year a butcher killed his employers before one day of Eidul Azha, which created panic in Britain and the court awarded the killer life imprisonment.

Earlier the offender Naeem Mehmood who stabbed his boss 51 times in a frenzied attack refused to confess the crime but later he admitted saying he committed the crime.

From Prosecution Peter Mollson QC appeared before Sheffield Crown Court and informed that Parvaiz Iqbal was found at Bismillah Food Store with a 7in (18cm) knife stuck almost up to the hilt in his chest.

Sentencing Mehmood, Judge Males said: “This was a brutal, sustained and unprovoked attack, beginning with a cowardly stab in the back by a lethal weapon. The aftermath, as you left the store and rampaged down the road in broad daylight for about 10 minutes, leaving a trail of destruction behind you, caused real and understandable fear to many members of the public.”

Judge awarded life imprisonment to Naeem Mehmood saying he will serve at least 27 years.

Naeem Mehmood killed Parvaiz Iqbal in what the judge described as a cowardly, sustained and unprovoked attack at his store in Rotherham.

Another shop worker who went to help Parvaiz Iqbal was stabbed in the stomach, but survived. Mehmood went on the rampage in the streets outside, smashing up cars and breaking the windows of another shop, showering people with glass. Jon Hill reports.