Brutalities on Kashmiris expose Indian face: Bosan

BIRMINGHAM: Kashmiris were always trapped on the name of dialogue for a long time and during this time nor harm was seen by anyone but Kashmiris faced worst type of genocide. World has witnessed the Kashmiri nation even after facing worst type of Indian brutalities, is not ready to give up its struggle and this is reason the world community is being asked to ensure their support to right of self-determination of Kashmiri people.

These were unanimous views of Kashmiri leaders during a protest demonstration held outside the Indian Consulate organized on the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day.

The demonstration was led by Lord Mayor Nominate for Birmingham Shafiq Shah while Councilor Waseem Zafar, Councilor Ansar Ali Khan and Raja Ishtiaq Ahmed also attended the demonstration.

The Supreme Head of All Parties Kashmir Coordination Committee, Moulana Bostan Qadri said Kashmiris will not tolerate the Indian brutalities for a long time and before their lost their patience world community should play its role. The Kashmir Solidarity Day is an attempt to wake up the Muslim Ummah to protect Kashmiris, he added.

The worst human rights violations, unnamed graves and rape of Kashmiri women has exposed Indian face before the world, he said, adding before Kashmiris struggle convert into volcano and burn the peace of South Asia, world community should force India.

Other speakers urged the United Nations and World powers to ensure the implementation of UN resolutions and allow Kashmiri to exercise the internationally recognized right of self-determination. India has let loose reign of terror for more than six decades, but could not suppress the struggle of Kashmiris for their freedom.

Secretary General Kashmir Coordination Committee Naib Hussain Mughal said Kashmir Coordination Committee is working in Britain for over 25 years and has arranged thousands rallies, seminars and demonstrations to highlight Kashmir issue and has demanded of the world to allow Kashmiris to exercise their right of self-determination.

The speakers said that world should take stock of Kashmir issue and learn lessons from 7/7 and 11/11 as world political scenario has changed.