Brits firm even after facing storm followed by transporters strike

LONDON: The storm on Southern coasts of England was not a meager issue which jolted the people but the strike call given by employees of under-ground railways has forced people to realize the gravity of situation.

After two day strike by under-ground railway employees a little relief is expected to people on Friday after the staff will partially return to duty.

The two day strike call was given against the ouster of about 2000 people from jobs. The Transport For London has claimed it is streamlining the system to make it modern, which will save 50,000 pounds annually.

RTM leader Bob Crowe while talking to a radio station said the strike was forceful. “Mayor of London during his election campaign had promised he would not close the ticket offices”.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London said there was no justification of strike and was unnecessary and as far election campaign promise of not closing ticket office it was committed in 2008, when iphone was not invented. “There is need for revamp the transport system of the city and it should be made clear that until 50 per cent union members will not support the strike it should not be done”, he added.

Thousands of people have suffered in London the important capitals of the world due to strike of railway employees and these steps are causing loss to people as their jobs will suffer.

Mayor of London met people and employees at station and if successful round of talks was not held between Mayor and Union the strike will again start on February 11 at 9 PM.

On the other life in Cornwall and Dorset in Southern England is trouble due to heavy floods while the Eastern Power Distribution said 44,000 people have suffered power outages and 5000 houses are still without electricity.

The Met Officer has issued warnings of heavy rain and high winds of up to 60mph for many southern and western areas until tomorrow in Scotland, Eastern England, London, /western Wales, West Midlands.