British Pakistanis have gained unique space by good gifted skills

SLOUGH: British Pakistanis have, no doubt attained a unique and most respectable space in Britain by using their good gifted skills with complete sincerity and love for this country, said Chaudhry Abdul Razaq, former Mayor Mirpur while addressing a reception.

The reception was hosted by Councillor Commissioner Cabinet Chaudhry Muhammad Sharif in honour of Chaudhry Razaq, which was presided over by local British Parliamentarian Fiona Margaret Mactaggart, while Leader of Council Councillor Rob Anderson, Deputy Leader Councillor James, former AJK Minister for Planning and Development Mehmood Riaz,Muhammad Ramzan Chugtaie, Deputy Mayor Councillor Chaudhry Shafiq Ahmed, former Mayor Bill Singh, Councillor Commissioner Suhail Munawar, and host Councillor Muhammad Sharif were present on the stage.

The function was addressed by Councillor Chaudhry Nazar, Councillor Satpal, Councillor Sufi Rasab, former President PWA Chaudhry  Siddiq, Advisor n Information Aurangzeb Chaudhry, Chaudhry Afzal, Secretary General Labour Party Slough Zafar Ajaib, former Councillor Nazar Lodhi, Chaudhry Shakeel, Ashfaq Chaudhry, Parvaiz Akhar, and Councillor James.

“British people and institutions have open heartedly accepted the efforts British Pakistanis have made for socio economic development of this country and have encouraged Pakistani community at all levels”, Chaudhry Razaq said while addressing the gathering.

He said a huge population of Pakistanis and Kashmiris is livingin Slough and they are lucky enough that they have got a vibrat representative like Fiona Margaret Mactaggart. “Britain is our second home and we are feeling more relax here”, he added.

He invited Fiona Mactaggart and other public representative to visit Mirpur.

Fiona Mactaggart while addressing the gathering said today world is a global village and it is need of this era to work jointly for development of nations and countries. Slough is a unique city of Britain where all communities are living with love and have very congenial relations with each other, she said.

After winning upcoming elections the Labour Party will freeze the energy bills for at least two years, she promised.

Ramzan Chugtaie in his address said Pakistani community has done a good and tremendous job in every field of life in Britain. “British Pakistanis have proved that they are from a brilliant nation”, he added.

Former AJK Minister Mehmood Riaz said British Pakistani played vital role not only in politics of Britain but also by remaining active in Pakistani political parties they have improved the image of Pakistan.

Deputy Mayor Chaudhry Shafi said Labour Party is only political party in Britain which has made politics civilized, reasonable and easy for all and it always followed merit despite of seeing cast, colour or religion.

Host Chaudhry Muhammad Sharif thanked the participants saying he is thankful to Chaudhry Abdul Razaq, Fiona Mactaggart and all other representatives for their presence in the reception.