Britain provides equal chances of development to all communities: Sajjad Karim

MANCHESTER: Pakistan always shown its tilt towards the US and it was time and again asked to change its policy and move towards Europe and China if it wants to prosper, but past governments failed, now it is first government led by Nawaz Sharif which is looking towards Europe and China, said Dr Sajad Karim MEP and Conservative Party candidate again for European Parliament from North West England while addressing a reception given in his honour.
The reception was hosted by “The Friends of Mandi Bahauddin” presided over by Chaudhry Liaqat Ali Bajwa while renowned community leader Fazal Karim Chaudhry was chief guest and Talat Gondal conducted the programme.
“This is for the first time Pakistan is moving towards Europe and Governor Punjab Chaudhary Sarwar has a big role in this movement, as he forced PML-N Government to realize this reality”, Sajjad Karim said.
To a question regarding the dual nationality, Sajad Karim said he was invited to receive degree in Pakistan and he avail the opportunity to raise this issue with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. “I will raise the issue with Nawaz Sharif and tell him the people having dual nationality are of two kinds and don’t mix us with second category and deprive our generations from visiting Pakistan”, he added.
Pakistani, Asian and Muslim communities should play the role of back bone in British economy, every youth of these communities should be highly educated and free from discriminatory attitude, he said, adding, “Today if we pledge after leave far behind discriminatory attitude and work hard then there is no doubt when hundreds of these community fellows will be parliamentarian and having their role in Parliament and other institutions”.
“I agree with Fiancee Visa British government has linked some conditions which are in contradiction to human rights, but we have to consider what facilities Government has provided to expatriates and their generations”, he said.
“Has not British Government facilitated in higher education? Has not it provided facilities of business?”, he asked, adding that when opportunities and resources are available then it is responsibility of community to avail these opportunities and prosper.
He said he don’t want anyone from his community remain unemployed and always remained active regarding the human rights of the community. “Because community is my power and I will not hesitate in making tough decisions in support of community”, he added.
Sajjad Karim, who is also Chairman of Friends of Pakistan Group, said that friends of groups of many countries are existing in European Parliament, which are getting financial assistance from these countries while Friends of Pakistan is only group, which is running on self help basis.
Sajad Karim, who also belongs to Mandi Bahauddin, lauded formation of “The Friends of Mandi Bahauddin” saying Chaudhry Liaqat and his friends took a positive step to facilitate their people. This forum will be a platform which can support brotherhood, love and affection and help the industry and trade of Mandi Bahauddin.
Renowned community leader Fazal Karim Chaudhry, who is father of Sajjad Karim also addressed the gathering.