Britain playing important role to help Syrians: Justine Greening

LONDON: British Government is seriously concerned over insurgency and its impacts in Syria and is making efforts to control it and is also providing support to affected people, said Justine Greening, British Secretary of State for International Development.

She was addressing a news conference along with Islamic Relief officials. Director UK of Islamic Relief Jahangir Malik presented the details of the activities in Syria. The press conference was conducted by Zaid Ar Rawai, Head of Communication in Islamic Relief.

“British Government has allocated six hundred (600) million pound budget for this purpose while more projects ar being taken into hand in Syria”, she said, adding as per reports available so far more than 11000 people were killed in the insurgency in Syria, while lakhs are suffering and living in a worst condition.

Justine Greening responded the questions of journalists and said Britain has given asylum to more than 1500 Syrian refugees and their cases will be decided by Border and Immigration Institute, which an independent organization.

“We hope 2014 will be a year of peace for Syrian people”, she said, adding the DFID is concerned over fate of refugee children and it has selected Islamic Relief to work for refugees sticked on the borders of Lebanon.

Responding to a question Greening said over 3500 children can continue their education with the support of DFID and UNICEF. She said over 2.4 million Syrian are homeless out of them 14 per cent are less and 14 years of age.

She said Britain will focus on Syrian issue in World Economic Forum to be held in Geneva.

Jahangir Malik said some elements are trying to give the insurgency in Syria a political twist, but humanity is beyond cast, color and religion and we all have to work together to save humanity.

The volunteers of Islamic Relief spread in every knock and corner to get a petition signed for relief of Syrian people, the petition was signed by a large number of people and was presented to Prime Minister David Cameron at his residence 10 Downing Street, Malik said, adding the sole aim of the petition was to erode any sort of negative propaganda.

He said the DFID provided two million pounds to Islamic Relief for relief of Syria affectees, which would be utilized on rehabilitation and education of Syrian living in Lebanon.