Britain organizations show solidarity with families of missing persons

LONDON: Pakistan Workers Party (PWP), Council for Legal and Human Rights (CLHR) and Faiz Foundation (FF) in a joint session expressed complete solidarity with the families of missing persons in Balochistan and supported the long march being held for Baloch missing persons.

The meeting was presided over by Barrister Rashid Aslam while in his opening remarks President PWP Dr Iftikhar Ahmed said all democracy and peace-loving people and believers of human rights are supporting the call for long march given by families of missing persons. “We are with them and we will remain in solidarity with these families”, he said.

He said as per reports the toll of missing persons crossed the 18,000 mark and more than 2000 mutilated dead bodies were recovered so far and Chief Justice Tassaduq Jilani took suo-moto action. In spite of assurances given by government and responsible institutions not a single missing person was recovered and not a single person was nabbed in these extra-judicial murders, he said.

The families of missing persons are moving from pillar to post all over country but no one is ready to give them an ear and show some solidarity with them, he said.

On one side a military dictator Pervez Musharraf is being given extra-judicial protection, dialogue is being held with Taliban, while on the other side common people and journalists in Balochistan are being killed extra-judicially.

He said conflicting state attitude is main cause of fanning the terrorism and other sort of tension in the country.

Tanver Zaman of Faiz Foundation for continuity of democracy and rule of law it is imperative to give due rights to all nationalities.

CLHR chief Barrister Rashad Aslam condemned the human rights violations in Baluchistan and called upon Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo-moto action against this inhumanity and bring the people found guilty to task.