Britain not imposed any restriction on wearing Hijjab: Sajad Karim

BOLTAN: It is a good omen Britain has not imposed any restriction on Hijjab, like France has already imposed ban on wearing Hijjab by Muslim girls and more European countries are in process of making legislation on restrictions on Hijjab, said Sajad Karim, Member European Parliament and Chairman Friends of Pakistan Group.

“I am feeling myself very much lucky while standing in between Ulema and religious scholars”, Sajad Karim said while addressing Milad un Nabi PBUH conference held in a local community hall. The conference was held under the aegis of Chadar Oarr Tehreek (CIT) ‘Wrap the Shawl Movement’, in which Muslim scholars discussed the main issue the importance of ‘Hijjab’ (veil) in Islamic culture.

Peer Muhammad Kabir Shah Gilani, caretaker Chora Sharif shrine and Allama Azeem Ji conducted the stage while Zahoor Ahmed recited verses from Holy Quran.

Sajad Karim said still there is no law to restrict the Muslim women to wear Hijjab in Britain but if Muslims cannot use their vote in right way and provided UKIP a path to enter in Parliament there is no guarantee of such issue will rise. It is responsibility of all Asians to come out to poll their votes to stop UKIP, he said.

Peer Kabir Ali Shah in his spiritual address said in the dark age people were considering women as sub-human and kept her in slavery, But after last Prophet Muhammad PBUH was bestowed by Allah He cut all shackles and give women a respectable place and restored her self-respect, he added.

“Islam has declared the education equal right of men and women and asked women to cover her body as a sign of respect, honor and dignity”, he said.

He said drug addiction is another menace in the society which has ruined the young generation and it is responsibility of media, Ulema, scholars, politicians and social activist to rise against this menace and save young generation.

He said religious rituals like Hujj, Umra etc. performed after earning money from narco business are not being acceptable before Allah. “I am regularly coming Britain from more than 25 years and no one can blame me for collecting donations as we need shoulders not donations”, he said.

At the end ‘lunger’ was distributed among participants including children and women.