Brit-Pakistanis play great role in uplift of Britain

MANCHESTER: British Pakistanis have played very important role in socio economic development and uplift of Britain and they had talent by which they reached to Parliament and other in every section of life and earned a good name.

These were the views of speakers in a reception hosted in honor of Muhammad Taj, first Muslim President of Trade Union Congress (TUC). The function was addressed by Lord Mayor of Manchester Councilor Naeem ul Hassan, Consul General of Pakistan Dr Zahoor Ahmed, Welfare Attaché Qazi Sajid, former Lord Mayor and candidate for European Parliament Councilor Afzal Khan, first Asian President of Rockdale Law Association Barrister Amjid Malik, Chaudhry Ishaq and Khwaja Waseem.

Addressing the gathering Muhammad Taj said there is no doubt a person having god gifted capacity will touch new horizons and make a name in the society where he is living. He said extremism is taking a person far away from any positive move and deprive the person from the opportunities.

Love, affection and peace is requirement of every human being living on this universe and it is not for a particular place or country, Taj said, adding Britain is a country where everyone can get his due reward and regard as per his capacity.

People in Britain irrespective of religion, cast, color or race have rejected the extremism, otherwise British National Party would have on its peak, he said, adding it is need of our to fight against extremism and terrorism.

Muslim Ummah is facing worst time of the history due to extremism and terrorism as some people inspired by this have adopted the path of terrorism, Taj said.

Lord Mayor Manchester, Naeem ul Hassan said being Muslim we should be a model for entire world by adopting the path of love, peace and universal brotherhood. We should be a soft personality for world to frustrate the designs of extremism, he added.

Muhammad Taj and other such people are role model for others and young generation have to learn from the experiences of these people, Naeem ul Hassan said.

Counsel General Dr Zahoor said Pakistan is passing through a crucial period which demands from every Pakistani to be united. “It is need of hour to be united by forgetting all personal and political differences, otherwise mischievous people use it an opportunity”, he added.

Councilor Afzal Khan said Labor Party proved a good friend of all communities and particularly Pakistani community in Britain and this is why the recent survey is loudly speaking about popularity of the party. He felicitated Muhammad Taj for his election as President TUC.

Renowned lawyer Barrister Amjid Malik said love is a spirit which enhance when you share it and when we spread our vision and love we will not find the weaknesses of others.