Bradford Town received two design proposals

BRADFORD: The Bradford Town has received two designs for the proposed new town hall featuring a a civic square at a special council meeting Monday.
One proposal is completely new. It would put a four-storey town hall in downtown Bradford at the intersections of Holland Street and Holland Court, directly across from the new family health centre. The other design is an updated look at a previous proposal that would have put the municipal administrative building beside the new library.
Both proposals carry a price tag exceeding $30 million.
The downtown plan was brought to council by NESI Project Management.
The approximate $32 million project would put the new town hall where the Bargain Barn plaza is today, opening up a civic square from the main street, while vehicular access and town hall entry would be from Holland Court.
Architectural drawings show the building having a main floor at ground level, plus a bent-arm glass structure of three floors on top of it. The glass portion of the building would house the various town departments, while the main floor would have a large lobby, council chambers, meeting rooms and more. There would be more than 200 parking spots, with the majority under ground, while 40 would be above ground.
The civic square would include forest features, with trees, a meadow and grass, as well as a water feature and an open space with the potential for a stage for public presentations or performances.
The entire project would have 60,000 square feet on a two-acre parcel of land. The project cost includes the price of land acquisition and demolition of existing buildings.
The developer also intends to build a retirement-style residential condo behind the town hall of between five and eight storeys that would be privately managed.