Birth of Holy Prophet gives light to humanity in darkness: Peer Mazhar

LONDON: Darul Ulom Qadriya Jeelania Walthomstow and International Muslim Movement organized a graceful function of Eid Miladun Nabi, which was organized at Darul Ulom this year due to serious illness of Peer Syed Abdul Qadir Shah Gilani.
Peer Sabir Hussain Shah and Peer Mazhar Hussain Shah have addressed the function and said Birth of Holy Prophet PBUH has provided light to humanity which was plunged in darkness, illiteracy and superstitiousness.
For love and affection towards Holy Prophet PBUH celebration of Milad, ‘Zikr e Mustafa’ reminding Holy Prophet PBUH is article of faith for every Muslim, they said, adding that hub of Islam and Muslims is Madina and all the activities are moving around this noble city.
Hafiz Shah Muhammad, Allama Ishtiaq Qadri and Nasir Ahmed also addressed the function and said Birth of Holy Prophet PBUH is a greatest blessing of Allah Almighty for humanity and entire humanity should be thankful to Allah for this.
It is a reality that a Muslim cannot be ‘Momin’ until he love and be affectionate towards Holy Prophet PBUH more than anything in this world, because without Love and affection towards Holy Prophet is article of faith of every Muslim, they said, adding this is reason the loves of Holy Prophet PBUH are celebrating Birth of Him with fervor and zeal.
The function was also attended by former Mayor Councilor, Liaqat Ali and Chairman Muslim Friends of Labor Chaudhry Shaukat Ali and they while paying tributes to Holy Prophet PBUH said the light of knowledge in this world is because of Him and this is why lovers of Holy Prophet are celebrating the Birth in Rabiul Awal to attain the blessings of Allah.