Bhutto formed PPP to give rights to poor

LONDON: Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto by making Pakistan a nuclear power has highlighted Pakistan on world map and gave it a respectable space among community of nations.

These were the views of party leaders on the occasion of 86th Birth Anniversary of founding father of Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP). The function was organized at residence of senior PPP leader Khadim Hussain, while Saeed Mehmood, President Greater London presided over the function. The function was started by recitation from Holy Quran and prayers for all martyrs of the party.

The function was addressed by Chairman Federal Council for Britain and Europe Mian Afzal Khalid, Deputy Secretary General PPP Britain Abrar Mir, Member Federal Council Taqi Shah, Secretary Finance South Zone Asim Habib, Raja Imran, Asif Khan and Usman Ghani.

Addressing the gathering Mian Afzal Khalid said by giving awareness to people of Pakistan has allowed them to enjoy the right to live freely. Bhutto has formed PPP to give rights to poor who were a deprived lot in Pakistan, he added.

“Today we have to think about the opportunists who came between Party leadership and workers who have sacrificed their lives for the party and these opportunists are sent the sincere party workers on back benches as party assumed power”, he said, adding party workers should hold these elements accountable to make party a real workers party as was dream of Bhutto.

Abrar Mir said Bhutto was not only founding gather of PPP, but he was also founding father of democracy in Pakistan. ‘Shaheed e Jamhoriat’ martyr for democracy Benazir Bhutto and ‘Umaid e Jamhoriat’ Hope of democracy Bilawal Bhutto are ideological Bhuttos and every worker of PPP is Bhutto.

PPP is not a property as one can claim his ownership it is an ideological asset of party workers and they have right to claim and prove themselves as Bhutto, Abrar Mir said.

Khadim Hussain Nasir paid glowing tributes to Bhutto on his birth anniversary saying the best way to pay tribute to Bhutto is to give the young generation awareness of Bhutto’s contribution for Islamic, national and people of Pakistan.

Taqi Shah said his family has a big contribution in in the struggle of Bhutto for democracy and he is proud of these sacrifices his family rendered and now young generation is firm believer of Bhutto ideology.