Ban on ‘Burqa’ (Veil) brutal violation of basic human rights

MANCHESTER: Restlessness was witnessed in Pakistan and Muslim community pver debate of ‘Burqa’ Veil in the Parliament, as it is violation of bsic rights of Muslim community, said Councillor Afzal Khan, candidate for European Parliament from Manchster and ex Lord Mayor of Manchster.
In the circumstances when people not bother over naked women moving here and there, restrictions on Muslims are clear indication of Islamo-phobia, Khan said, adding that it is sad that government on one side wants better relations with Muslims while on the other hand it is encouraging debate regarding ban on ‘Burqa’ in Parliament.
He said Conservative Govenrment is itself causing indifference and intolerance, while ‘Burqa’ is not creating problems for anyone. The government is hiddenly discouraging the use of ‘Burqa’ in schools, colleges and other institutions.
Government is pleasing the racist element int he country by imposing restrictions on Muslims and it is better not to cause problems for Muslims, Khan said.
In Britain when everyone has complete freedom to wear anything, then what is harm in wearing ‘Burqa’, which is a religious dress code for Muslim women, Afzal Khan said.
Criticizing the double standard of Britain Government, Allama Ahmed Nisar, Chief Organizer Jamat e Ahle Sunna Britain-Europe saying that ‘Burqa’ is part of dress of Muslim Women and a religious dress code and any sort of ban on this dress will be violation of basic rights.
He called upon Ulema to write emails and letters to their Parliamentarian and Tori Govrenemnt so that the bill would not be tabled. “If the bill was tabled and endorsed there would be lot of problems for Muslim women”, he said.
Vice Chairman, National Peace Committee Chaudhry Muhammad Shahbaz, Z Ali, Ch G R Ali, and A J Masih have criticized the tabling the bill in the Parliament saying that this is a useless effort and cause panic inthe community. If jews, Christian and women of other religion can wear dresses of theri religion then what is harm for Muslim women to war ‘Burqa’.
Pakistan Community Center Longsite Trust Board Chairman, Councillor Sajjad Hussain has said that it is would not be appropriate to raise the matters of religion in the parliament. He said that ‘Burqa’ is dress and not civilized society or religion can bar anyone from wearing dress.
Dr Muhammad Yunus Parwaz has said that it is not understandable that why government want to ban ‘Burqa’. Islam is not baring a women from showing her identity of showing her face, then why government is panicing Muslims by this notorious bill, while is loudly speaking about hatred tiwards Muslims, he added.
Jamiat ul Muslimeen Manchester Miann Naeem Tahir has said that Islam is second largest religion in UK so that no bill which can hert sentiments of Muslims cannot be passed by Parliament. Cameron has kept double standards against Muslims and it is responsibility of every Muslim to write emails to protest eails to governemnt to bar it from passing this bill.
Allama Qari Javed Akhtar, prayer leader of Jamia Masjid has said that ‘Burqa’ is religious matter of Muslim women and no person or government can interfere in it.
Councillor Rabnawaz has called upon leaders of all religions to take stock of this situation and write emails to government so that this bill cannot be passed.
Councillor Razaq Aftab said that Conservative Government of Britain is punishing Muslims for their support to labour Party.
Councillor Aftab Ahmed has termed this bill as an attempt to please the anit Islam forces.
Women activist Nusrat Begum, Mrs Iqbal Mughal and Razia Begum have said that by imposing ban on ‘Burqa’ British Government is targetting Muslim women. Some Muslim women are willling to wear ‘Burqa’ while few are not wearing it so this matter should not be made controversial by bringing it in the Parliament