Asians in UK earned good name due to hard-work: Chaudhry Razaq

SLOUGH: Asians living in Britain have earned a good name not only in Britain but also at their native place due to hard-work, honesty and sincerity, said Chaudhry Abdul Razaq former Mayor of Mirpur.

He was addressing a reception hosted by Mayor of Slough Councilor Balvinder Singh Bains in Slough Town Hall. Deputy Mayor Councilor Chaudhry Shafiq, Commissioner Councilor Chaudhry Suhail Munawar, Commissioner Councilor Satpal Marr,  Councilor Rasab, former Mayor Balvinder, Councilor Atteeq Dar, Councilor Chaudhry Nazir, former Councilor Nazar Lodhi, Chaudhry Siddiq, Aurangzeb Chaudhry, Arif Bajarvi, Chaudhry Afzal and many other people belonging to different communities.

“I was pleased with the cordial relations, unity and solidarity between all communities in Slough and the credit goes to political leadership of all communities”, said Chaudhry Razaq while addressing the gathering.

He said people belonging to all communities in Britain should keep this in their mind that any individual act can malign the image of entire community so every person remain alert to protect the image of his community. “Community must not give any room to hatred, bitterness and personal clashes of individuals”, he said,

He asked the people to cast their vote in favor of their party candidates and vote should be given keeping in mind the manifesto of parties not friendship.

“Today I feel very pleased as I met people from all communities in Mayor’s chamber”, he said. He invited Balvinder Singh Bains Mayor of Slough to visit Mirpur, which he accepted.

Addressing the function Mayor of Slough Balvinder Singh welcomed Chaudhry Abdul Razaq saying, “It is pleasure for me, Chaudhry Razaq arrived here on my invitation and it will be pleasure for people belonging to Mirpur in Slough as well”.

He said a heavy number of people of Mirpur origin are living in Slough and this will bring the two cities very close. He said besides Muslim and Sikh communities in Slough all other communities are living in a congenial atmosphere and are sharing their festivities and grieves.

Balvinder said Asians have attained success in Britain due to hard-work of their elders. “When we live in Britain we have to play our role in socio economic uplift of this country and Asians are playing this party with open heart”, he added.

Deputy Mayor Councilor Chaudhry Shafiq said once leadership of community serve the community with complete sincerity and honesty the community returns it manifold and stands with you at any time of need. “Former Mayor Chaudhry Razaq and his brother Councilor Sufi Rasab are both good friends to me”, he added.

He said in upcoming local bodies elections Labor Party will get a majority vote.

Former Councilor Nazar Lodhi said Slough is only city in Britain where not a single incident of loot and arson was witnessed during last year incidents. “Slough remained peaceful and is peaceful city where every community is living with peace and it has benefitted all communities”, he added.