British Asian families at hit-list of gold thieves on Christmas

LONDON: As Christmas is nearing the thieves in Britain have started targeting the Asians for the presence of gold in their houses and in many incidents of theft the thieves stole only gold nothing else.
During last few weeks dozens of incidents were reported in which gold-loving Asian people lose gold worth thousands pound at the hands of thieves.
The investigating experts were of the view that at this era devices were invented which can detect gold.
Europeans and Britons are not wearing the gold more than 10 carats, while Asians prefer to wear 24 carats gold, this is reason that thieves targeting Asian houses using devices to trace the gold.
Few days back the house of renowned journalist, Iftikhar Ahmed’s (Jawabdeh fame) son was looted in a unique style in East London area, as his wife was out to pick her children from school while in the meantime thieves stole all gold present in the house. Another incident was reported in South London’s Surrey area where thieves enter the house from back-yard and stole only gold, while many such incidents of theft were reported in Manchester, Asian populated area.
A local Parliamentarian John Leech, Liberal Democrat, expressed serious concern over the increasing incidents and warned his constituents that these days some armed groups equipped with latest gadgetry are entering houses after locating the gold. Another mode operating of these groups is to check the Asian ladies in functions that how much gold they are wearing.  They loot them by entering their houses in their absence.
John Leech, in his letter urged Pakistani people in particular saying that more than 50 incidents were reported and gold dealers are facing the situation in which people are regularly coming with gold saying that they are in dire need and are selling their gold. These dealers were of the view that  vouchers they show are not being checked quickly.