Anyone works well is in competition: Katrina

MUMBAI: Top Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif welcomes competition as she feels it pressurizes the actor to perform better.

“Anyone who does good work is in competition. And I think it’s important to be challenged because that’s what pushes you to do better,” Katrine Kaif, a 30-year-old actress was quoted as saying by media.

She is often targeted for her acting skills, feels everyone has a right to express their opinion. “No, it doesn’t. People are entitled to their opinion, and I can’t have an opinion on someone else’s opinion”, she maintained.

Katrine Kaif, the ‘Dhoom 3’ actress will next be seen in Fox Star Studio s  Bang Bang  and UTV ‘s  Phantom , which are expected to release on the same date, October 2nd.

Phantom  will feature Saif Ali Khan as the lead actor, while in ‘Bang Bang’ Kaif will appear opposite Hrithik Roshan.