AMTS conducted free operations of over 5000 patients

MANCHESTER: A spiritual gathering was held at Shah Jamat Manzil in Manchester and patron Peer Syed Muzamil Hussain Jamati presided over the function while former Minister Alhaj Muhammad Haneef Tayyab, the patron of Al-Mustafa Trust Society (AMTS) was chief guest along with renowned business man Chaudhry Massarat Ali of Lal Qila Group and function was attended by people from Manchester.

Addressing the gathering Haji Haneef Tayyab said all what the AMTS is doing is because of Holy Prophet PBUH and Allah has bestowed us with this spirit to serve the needy and deserving. “We hold more than 5000 operations of poor patients last year all this was possible by donations of people for this sacred cause”, he added.

He said this year AMTS has a target to hold operations of over 10,000 people and distribute over 400 tons of rice and AMTS kept record of all donations and distribution to avoid anomalies. No such organization is able to provide record while we maintain record and doctors before and after the operation take pictures of patients to maintain record, he added.

Peer Muzamil Shah while addressing the function said the services of Alhaj Haneef Tayyab to serve people are praise worthy and will remain in memories of people who love humanity. People who want to serve needy deserving and destitute are supporting the AMTS in its endeavors to serve people. “If Allah give such spirit to every person this world will be paradise and no one would be poor and needy”, he added.

Chaudhry Massarat Ali said it is source of inspiration and point of satisfaction the relief work is being done in accordance with the teachings of Holy Prophet PBUH. Spirit to serve humanity is alive, he added.

Chaudhry Massarat announced to send two ambulances to Pakistan to serve needy people, one ambulance will be handed over to AMTS while other will work in the hospital of the native village free of cost. He said Haji Haneef Tayyab is charged with the spirit to serve humanity and it is our good luck to take part in this work.