Allah likes serving humanity, loving Holy Prophet PBUH

LONDON: Patron of Markazi Jamat Ahle Sunnah UK and Europe, Peer Abdul Qadir Shah Gilani has said Allah has promised to give reward of prayers and good deeds a person done, but some deeds are being liked by Allah more than anything.

Serving humanity selflessly and loving Holy Prophet PBUH are liked by Allah more than anything in this world, Peer Gilani said while addressing a function held at Darul Ulom Qadriya Jeelania at Waltham Forest Assembly Hall. Darul Ulom and International Muslim Movement arranged the function in honor of organizers of Eid Miladun Nabi function and Milad procession.

The function was attended by a large number of volunteers who have made remarkable arrangements for Eid Milad function in spite of terrible cold weather.

Peer Gilani said the volunteers would get reward of their hard work in this world and Allah will reward them hereafter. People who do any work to please Allah and His Holy Prophet PBUH are lucky people.

Peer Mazhar Hussain Shah also addressed the function while Peer Sabir Hussain Shah, Councilor Liaqat Ali and Chaudhry Shaukat Ali were prominent among participants.