AJK rulers overshadow excesses of Dogra regime: Dr Misfar

BURNLEY: Present Government of Pakistan Peoples Party in Azad Jammu Kashmir has passed all previous records of corruption, loot and plunder and even they have passed all the excesses of Dogra regime, said Dr Misfar Hassan, Convener, Jammu Kashmir Liberation League (JKLL).
Dr Misfar said appointment of blue eyed chap as Estate Officer in Kotli is height of nepotism and the said officer has passed fresh orders for Roli Housing Scheme, a project of 20 year old in which people have deposited amount of plots. Now the said officer passed an order of 27-11-2012 saying the price of these plots have increased so the allottee have to deposit more money.
According to this order of a blue eyed chap of AJK Prime Minister issued vide notification no 20327-09 (365) people were asked the prices of plots have increased such as the increase of Rs 272,000 in a plot of one kanal, Rs 182,000 in 12 marlas plot and 18000 for plot of 7 marlas.
This notification is ample proof of loot and plunder by rulers and tantamount to disturb people by minting more and more money from them, Dr Misfar said, adding the JKLL Britain condemn this excessive attitude of AJK Government and express its solidarity with people of Kotli.
If AJK Government not cancelled this notification, JKLL will hold protest not only in AJK but on international level, he said.