AJK Govt completing term under the spirit of CoD: Yaseen

ROCHDALE: Education is top most priority of Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) Government and all commitments made during the general elections are being prioritized to ensure their fulfillment, said Chaudhry Muhammad Yaseen, senior Minister of AJK. “In Education sector AJK Government has so far established three medical colleges, a women university and IT University, while university campus was established in Kotli, which is ample proof of commitment of the Government for education, Chaudhry Yaseen said while addressing the workers from Charhoi and other areas at Rochdale. At his arrival Chaudhry Yaseen was warmly welcomed by youth by dancing on drum-beats and showered flower petals on him. A large number of people were present at the gathering to thank Chaudhry Yaseen for declaring Jarrai and Dulha Jattan as Tehsil. AJK Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Chaudhry Abdul Majeed is busy in projects of public welfare and Government has stated work on development projects on revolutionary basis, Chaudhry Yaseen said. He said that AJK government will complete is term as under the spirit of Charter of Democracy every one has to respect the others mandate. similarly AJK Government is providing development funds to opposition MLAs equally. “We are committed to provide basic facilities to our people at their doorstep so that they would not have to travel to get these facilities”, he said, adding that there are 17 colleges inculding 5 degree college for his constituency Charhoi, while 13 out of 17 colleges were established by him. He said metaled roads and link roads are complete in every village of Charhoi and PPP government has enhanced the pace of development in all over AJK. The super expressway from Kohala to Muzaffarabad was completed, while in energy sector a 48 megawatt project is under construction, he added. He said that people of Rajdhani by getting tehsil status will see a new era of development int heir area. Town committee was established, NADRA office was opened and local government officials have started work. Chaudhry Yaseen said PPP AJK is a bouquet of all tribes and every tribe of AJK has equal representation int he party so the allegation of tribalism is not based on reality as there are people from every tribe in his personal staff. Earlier the function was started with recitation of verses from Holy Quran by Hafiz Muqbool Hussain. Khwaja Kaleem ur Rehman, Advisor to Government while addressing the gathering said that Chaudhry Yaseen is a leader who always kept his doors open for every one. He was a close associate of Benazir Bhutto and it is his love and affection with party and leadership he has got such a big position, he said. Sajid Qureshi, Coordinator to Prime Minister said the development work in AJK done by present government has passed all previous records and no past government has done such a massive development.The credit goes of prime minister and his team, he added. Chaudhry Sabir Hussain, PPP leader said Chaudhry Yaseen won hearts of people by declaring Jarrai as Tehsil, while he is main person who established a large number of education institutions. Shah Hussain said Chaudhry Yaseen is now living in the hearts of people due to his work done in his area. Former Mayor Rochdale Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ali said Chaudhry Yaseen is symbol of people of his area and he proved he is a real representative of people. Councillor Wazir Shah demanded to computerize the Revenue Record of AJK and by saving forest from forest-fire the beauty of Kashmir be protected. Councillor Ghazanfar Khaliq said Chaudhry Yaseen has got inspiration from Benazir Bhutto and got a top position in party and in government. Nadeem Hashmi said PPP is name of an ideology and Chaudhry Yaseen is true picture of PPP. The other prominent people who were present on the occasion were Councillor Ali Adalat, Chahdury Nambardar Pehalwan, Mushtaq Qureshi, Javed Mughal, Muhammad Fazil, Lala Muhammad Ajayeb, Tassaduq Hussain, Chaudhry Ali Asghar, Muhammad Ajayeb, Chaudhry Muhammad Aslam, Babu Asghar Ali, Mussarat Hussain, Zulfiqar Shah, Shafat Hussain, Chaudhry Kabir, Raja Imran, Councillor Muhamamd Zaman, Councillor Iftikhar, Chaudhry Imran Sarwar.