Afghan atheist got British asylum after six years

LONDON: For the first time in British history any person was given political asylum for being atheist. Religion is personal matter of every person till the time he accept any religion, but an Afghan national who came to Britain in 2008 was given asylum in 2014 as he make the religion public matter.

Afghan national came six years back when he was just 16 and was allowed by Home Department to stay in Britain till 2013.

The legal experts who are providing the Afghan national assistance have said he has born as Muslim and groomed as Muslim and he became atheist during his stay in Britain and it is possible that he will be killed on his return to Afghanistan.

Lawyers contact the Home Office under Refugee Convention 1951, which was aimed saving people from hazards of racial, nationalists, religious, political or social groups.

The case was prepared by Claire Splawn, a law student and he was assisted by lawyer Sheona York.

Splawn said she has pleaded in this case that any atheist should be given protection equal to a person having religious belief.

Chief Executive of a human rights organization namely ‘Insaniyat’ Andrew Capes said it is a pleasant surprise for him that Britain has played vital role in protecting the atheists/ Atheists and human friendly people should be equal rights and freedom to express their belief freely. But, he added west is ignoring this.

It is pertinent to note that conversion to Islam by a British Lawyer on the occasion of Eid Milad un Nabi has got a good space in British Media,