A star British GP who is tackling fake news through Social Media

London: A British Pakistai GP has used social media networks including TikTok to urge people not to fall for misinformation about the Covid vaccination.

Dr Nighat Arif, who lives and works in Buckinghamshire, has attracted 55,000 followers in nine months on the platform, and recorded messages in Urdu and Punjabi to spread the word to as many communities as possible that the jab is safe.

She was particularly concerned about reports that some Muslims think the jab is unsuitable for them because they wrongly believe it contains animal products or alcohol.

She said: “Those sort of clickbait media get spread far quicker. So we’ve almost got to educate around internet safety.”

Dr Nighat has been engaged with her folloewrs on important issues through social media platforms. This habbit made her a star GP throughout the world.