Half of the UK’s imported coronavirus cases originate from Pakistan: UK Media

Birmingham: British media has reported that half of the UK’s imported coronavirus cases originate from Pakistan.

According to details gathered, “More than 65,000 people travelled to Britain on 190 flights since March 1 from the South Asian country – most are believed to have British passports”.

Pakistan is reporting 4,000 new coronavirus cases a day and has seen a new spike in the killer bug since easing lockdown measures.

Data from Public Health England showed 30 cases of coronavirus in people who have travelled from Pakistan since June 4 and that figure is understood to represent half of the incidents of imported infection.

There are up to two flights a day from Pakistan and there have been reports of some arrivals going straight to hospital upon landing, The Daily Telegraph reported it first.

There have been reports of some going straight to hospital from arriving and into intensive care as up to two flights from the country arrive in Britain every day.

This week Dubai carrier Emirates suspended flights out of Pakistan after 30 passengers on a flight to Hong Kong tested positive on June 22.

Pakistan International Airlines has been flying directly into and out of the UK since early April.

At first, these were flights organised to repatriate British and Pakistani nationals but they have now resumed more regular daily flights.

A spokesman said passengers were screened with heat sensors and had to wear masks with anyone recording a high temperature prevented from boarding.

A government spokesman told The Telegraph: ‘The new health measures at the border are informed by science, backed by the public and designed to keep us all safe.