International communities role models honoured in London

London: The international community gathered at a prestigious award ceremony in London to honour individuals from various countries, Britain, Turkey, Iran, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Nigeria and Pakistan.
The awards were presented on behalf of SOAS and CLFA. Commander Mac Chishty of British Police said, “It is fundamental to unite the British international community at every opportunity, as community cohesion is the key to good community relations.”

Shazada Hayat President UICF (UK) and international community welfare activist who presented the awards together with Mushtaq Lasharie, Commander Mac Chishty, Z.U. Khan and M.W. Khokhar said, “To honour members of the community who make an outstanding difference to community welfare is our moral obligation. The British international community is the backbone of the UK.”

“In recognising the outstanding service and achievements of Naz Shah MP and journalist Zahoor Niazi makes the community proud and grateful for their contribution. Naz Shah despite all the difficult hurdles in her life has conquered adversity to achieve her goal and service to humanity. Zahoor Niazi has left behind a unique legacy, a professional of his profession of journalism, who despite reaching the highest point of his career never abused his power. As a result he was not a feared journalist but a respected journalist by the fraternity of journalists and the readers.”