To Remain in Europe is beneficial to all Asians & Muslims: Shahzad

London: Former Mayor of Brent Councillor Ahmed Shahzad has been campaigning to urge UK voters to remain in Europe in coming referendum. He says, the Remain Campaign is in the interest of Asians and Muslim people of UK.

Providing reasons he says, if EU citizens move out of UK, the whole economy of Britain and Europe and indeed the whole world will suffer severally. One can look at the shares prices last week. He further says, our businesses will suffer, house prices will go down, mortgages will go up and many business will closed down.

And above all the legal protection of immigrants apart from UK Courts will be removed. What I mean that European Human Rights Conversion Charter which protects us above UK Courts will be removed, he clarifies.

That means if God forbid racist Government, Far Right gets stronger in British politics then they can make our and our children’s lives very difficult by making laws against Muslims or immigrants, Shahzad says.

He said, I urge Pakistani and Muslim Community to support Remain Campaign and make sure that you cast your vote on 23 June .

I have organized few campaigns in this including Mapesbury Ward, outside Willesden Green Station with a Remain Stall, he added. Several people came to me and convey their messages of sympathy for Jo Cox Map’s family and Labour Party during these campaigns.