Justice (R) Nasira Iqbal: A Woman comfortable within her own skin

By: Barrister Huma Price
When I followed her around it became evident quite quickly that Justice Nasira Iqbal is a complete identity in herself and not at all dependent on either her husband (Justice Javed Iqbal) or her legendary Father-in-Law (Allama Iqbal) to assert herself. She is a woman who has been there seen it done it. She is very comfortable within her own skin.
Hardly surprising given that she went to Kinnaird College in 1957 and then went to several other institutions and gained many qualifications including Master of Laws from Harvard. She is a highly educated woman. Her legal experience also spans over several decades and she has served as a Judge in the Lahore High Court in addition to her practice as an advocate in the Supreme Court.
Just like many other dynamic women she has also been involved in many non-legal organisations playing an important role in their development such as The Punjab Mental Health Association (as President). She is also a member of several other worthwhile organisations such as Board of Governors Queen Mary College Lahore as well as many others.
She has also lectured on various topics around the world which include a number of lectures on Women’s Rights and Development. She has been part of seminars on access to law and other legal areas representing Pakistan at an international level throughout the world. She is a high achiever yet there is no attitude problem. She is primarily concerned with making a contribution.
She confided in me that her husband asked her why she takes on so many speaking engagements and she told him I have very little time left now. I want to use it well. And yet she also mentioned him as her biggest support.
It was a fantastic experience to meet her and to interview her. She is one of the finest human beings I have ever met.