Muslim Conference UK elects Ratvi as President

Birmingham: Muslim conference is Azad Kashmir states largest political party that has grown in many decade and longest serving party that’s been in government for decays. As the party is now facing many challenges and tasks in the political arena in Azad Kashmir strength has been weaken the party was divided in to two on the last elections held in Azad Kashmir and a new party merged from Muslim conference to Muslim league Azad Kashmir. All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim conference held their United Kingdom presidential elections after many years in Birmingham where good attendance was present from all over UK. After party discussion it was announced by member Kashmir council Azad Kashmir Chaudhry Mohammed khan Chaudhry Mohammed Bashir Ratvi as president, general secretary Shabir Hussain Malak, senior vice president haji Mohammed khan and chief organizer Mohammed ishaq other posts will be announced by newly elected president later this month. Member Kashmir council Chaudhry Mohammed khan in his speech said we congratulate those who been elected and to see party grow from strength to strength. He added many challenges lay head of us but with our party president leadership Sardar Attiq Ahmed khan we can overcome with his vision of equality and by serving the people of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. He said Muslim conference have risen and our objectives are clear we will serve the nation of Kashmir and self-determination and our basic human rights cannot be taken away from us by the Indian occupied Kashmir as India deploys seven hundred thousand soldiers . After being elected Chaudhry Mohammed Bashir said I will serve the Kashmiri community to the best of my ability and thanks those who have elected him as Muslim conference president for uk. He added Marot and true democracy can make a huge difference towards nation’s in twenty first century education, science and technology play a vital role in our society so there for we must focus more on education. A resolution was also passed in this gathering demanding human rights for occupied Kashmir and United Nations role towards solving the issue of occupied Kashmir. (Report: Rabnawaz Chughtai, Birmingham)