Kashmir is basic right of Kashmiris living worldwide

OLDHAM: Kashmir is an issue of fundamental and basic rights of people living in entire Jammu Kashmir state and it is dispute related to basic rights, human freedom, development and other basic rights of people of the state, said Shaukat Maqbool Butt, son of pioneer of freedom movement, Martyr Maqbool Butt.
He was addressing an Iftar Dinner hosted by Jammu Kashmir National Awami Party (JKNAP) in his honor at Oldham. The function was also addressed by Chief Organizer JKNAP Sardar Amjad Ashraf, JKNAP leader Sajjad Raja, Wajid Ayub, Sadiq Subhani, Shaukat Butt, Nadeem Aslam, Hussain, Shahid Hashemi, Mehmood Kashmiri and others.
Shaukat Butt said Kashmir issue was made complex and with the partition of sub-continent it was left unresolved intentionally or unintentionally to keep not only Kashmiri people but entire South Asia on cross roads. The United Nations resolutions on Kashmir were not implemented and kept in freeze boxes to prolong this dispute and keep whole South Asia underdeveloped, he added.
He said Kashmir has turned into a nuclear flashpoint as both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers. Besides nuclear weapons the two countries are spending huge money every year on piling up tolls of nuclear and conventional armaments, he maintained.
People in the two countries are facing worst form of poverty and are lacking basic facilities, he said, adding solution of Kashmir issue is imperative and immediate need of hour to allow Kashmiri people to live their own life and help people of South Asia to use the money they spent on war machinery utilize on health, education, pure water and other basic necessities for humanity.
Indian forces have let loose a reign of terror in Kashmir and world is silent over worst form of human rights violations being perpetuated by Indian army, Butt said, adding that the brutal human rights violations are eye opener for world conscience particularly for world powers who ar4e watching this biggest human tragedy as silent spectators.
He stressed the need for immediate solution of Kashmir issue saying this will help end terrorism and extremism in the entire South Asia and help the governments to spent money on positive side.
Talking on MQM issue, Butt said the RAW funding to MQM is a very serious issue and if it is true this should not happen. Similar allegations were leveled against Kashmiri leaders and in past such allegations were leveled that Kashmiris are getting money from different agencies.
Chief Organizer JKNAP Sardar Amjad Ashraf said if Kashmiri leadership raise the issue jointly and in one voice tell the world to help resolve Kashmir issue then it is matter of days.
He thanked Shaukat Maqbool Butt and Oldham Chapter of JKNAP for holding such a glorious function.