Andrew Stephenson a vibrant Parliamentarian: Speakers

NELSON: Andrew Stephenson is a vibrant, active and human friendly parliamentarian and people of Pendle after re-electing him to House of Commons gave him another chance to serve his people. Kashmiri and Pakistani voters take the issue seriously and consider re-election of Andrew Stephenson as moral obligation and they used their vote with extreme sense of responsibility.
These were views of speakers in a luncheon hosted by Abdul Hussain Shahab of Carter La to celebrate the victory of Andrew Stephenson. Dr Sajjad Karim, Chairman Friends of Pakistan Group in European Parliament was chief guest. The function begins with the recitation of Holy Quran from Allama Shafaul Haq, Khateeb Jamia Masjid Sultania while Sufi Faizan presented ‘Naat’ in honor of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Councillor Abdul Aziz begins the function with his inaugural address while host Abdul Hussain Shahab presented vote of thanks.
Among other speakers were Dr Sajjad Karim member European Parliament, Councillor Jo Qouni, renowned column writer Najeebur Rehman Amin, Haji Safeer Ahmed, Mufti Asad Khalil, Consular Religious Affairs Haji Rehmat Khan, Qazir Shakeelur Rehman, Councillor Abdul Aziz, Allama Aslam Bandalvi, Muzakar Ali, Javed Aslam, and Manzoor Ellahi while Councillor Mehboob Ahmed was stage secretary.
The speakers were of the view that people who were considering the Pendle constituency as marginal seat will now remember the results for a long time and this seat is now a fix seat of Conservative Party.
Praising Andrew Stephenson, Dr Sajjad Karim said Andrew Stephenson is one of the best parliamentarians and his role was very effective in getting GSP Plus status for Pakistan in European Union.
He said there are so many parliamentarians who played their vital role in past and after Conservative Party assumed power the efforts were crowned with success.
The first reason was British Prime Minister David Cameron took the European leadership particularly France and Germany into confidence, while second cause was Andrew Stephenson who was close to Prime Minster and me (Sajjad Karim) played effective role even after remaining behind the scene, he added.
Addressing the gathering Andrew Stephenson said he is considering the representing people of Pendle particularly Kashmiri and Pakistani community as his honor. As during past five years I used my efforts to serve people in a better way, I assure I will continue the same spirit for upcoming five years, he added.
He said he will continue to serve people and his special focus will remain to resolve issued related to Kashmir and Pakistan.